Past Events

Art exchanges: From Corfu to China

As part of events for the “2017 Greece-China Year of Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation of Creative Industries”, the Corfu Museum of Asian Art presents the exhibition “One Road One Belt Exhibition - The Corfu Asian Art Museum of Greece in Yuzhou” at China’s Yuzhou Jun Royal Kiln Site Museum, from 29 Septembet through to 30 November 2017.

Greek scientists conversing about Chinese culture

In view of the upcoming ancient science and technology exhibition exchanges between Athens and Beijing and in collaboration with the Chinese Museum of Science and Technology, the Herakleidon Museum in Athens is hosting two lectures about the ancient Chinese culture. The first took place on May 9, under the title “A few comparisons on mythology and philosophy between the Chinese and the Greek Antiquity”, by Theodossis Tassios, Professor emeritus at the National Technical University of Athens.