Greek scientists conversing about Chinese culture

Greek scientists conversing about Chinese culture

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The Herakleidon Museum in Athens is hosting lectures about ancient Chinese culture

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In view of the upcoming ancient science and technology exhibition exchanges between Athens and Beijing and in collaboration with the Chinese Museum of Science and Technology, the Herakleidon Museum in Athens is hosting two lectures about the ancient Chinese culture. The first took place on May 9, under the title “A few comparisons on mythology and philosophy between the Chinese and the Greek Antiquity”, by Theodossis Tassios, Professor emeritus at the National Technical University of Athens.

The next lecture is taking place on Wednesday, May 31, at 19:00 under the title “Earth, air, water and fire: the technology of pottery in China” by Giorgos Magginis, Ph.D in Archaeology and History of Arts (Sinologist).

Since the dawn of civilization in China, the art of pottery became one of the foremost fields of creativity and technical innovation. The political unification of the country’s kingdoms under emperor Qin Shi Huang in the later 3rd century B.C.E., in itself the starting point of imperial Chinese history, is exemplified by the earliest example of mass-produced ceramics in human history, the famous “Terracotta Army”. Abundant natural resources, strategic imperial investment and the resourcefulness of potters themselves allowed the produce of hundreds of workshops to dominate Middle and Near Eastern Markets since the 8th century C.E., promoting technical specialization and aesthetic refinement during the Song (10th-13th centuries), Jin (12th-13th centuries), Yuan (13th-14th centuries) and Ming dynasties (14th-17th centuries). This lecture will touch upon issues of technology (ceramic bodies, glazes, decorative techniques, firing methods) and history (society and trade) using examples from the extensive collection of Chinese art at the Benaki Museum.

Admission is free. You are kindly requested to arrive on time due to limited seats available.

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