Aeschylus’ “Agamemnon” at China’s National Theatre

Aeschylus’ “Agamemnon” at China’s National Theatre

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An interview of artistic director of the National Theater of Greece, Stathis Livathinos with China Daily

Under the title "Stathis Livathinos: Staging a Greek-Chinese theatrical collaboration", CHINA DAILY presents an interview with the artistic direstor of Greece’s National Theater's, Stathis Livathinou, on the occasion of Aeschylus' Agamemnon bilingual show, which opens at the National Theater of China on 20 February, with the participation of Greek and Chinese actors.

Stathis Livathinos, who has visited China three times, talks about the innovative theatrical approach, as well as his relationship with China and her theatrical influence, cultural attractions and unique beauty, and unforgettable travel destinations like Tibet.

The staging of “Agamemnon” is the second part of a collaborative project between the two theatres, following the successful staging, last November in Athens, of “Τhe Orphan of Zhao”, a classical Chinese work, directed by Wang Xiaoying.  “I was thrilled by Zhao. It was a great work, a very interesting epic play and a very difficult one,” says the artistic director of Greece’s National Theater Livathinos. “Agamemnon” is a part of something bigger that doesn't belong only to Greece. “Agamemnon” is part of the world civilization… like Bach, Shakespeare, Pinter, Beckett, Da Vinci. [Their work] is the reason we exist, what keeps us human, he adds.

It is extremely interesting to see how classical Aeschylus will be received by the Chinese audience, says Livatinos, who expects the Beijing’s theatre-loving audience to actively embrace the work, associating it with today’s world and society. At the same time, the artistic director notes that Greece’s National Theater wishes to continue the pioneering work of presenting a project in two languages with the participation of actors from two different countries, aspiring to contribute to a better understanding between the two cultures, especially among younger generations.

“Agamemnon” will perform at the National Theater of China on 20-24 / 2 and on 26/2 to 2/3/2019.