“Dialogue of Civilizations” series

“Dialogue of Civilizations” series

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An international co-production of Greece’s ERT with China's CGTN satellite network, Egyptian TV channel NILE TV and Indian NDTV.

A Greek TV crew with journalist Fanis Papathanasiou went to Beijing for the inauguration and filming of the series “Dialogue of Civilizations”. The series is a co-production of the Chinese satellite network CGTN with Greece’s national broadcaste ERT, Egyptian TV channel NILE TV and Indian NDTV and will be broadcast on 8/12 at 18:00. At the opening ceremony, journalists Mohamed Abdel Rahim Ismail Shalaby Mostafa (NILE TV), Vishnudeep Som (NDTV) and Yang Rui (CGTN) were co-presenters.

The series was launched in Beijing, on November 15, while filming for the programme took place on November 16. Apart from the aforementioned journalists, each country was represented by one guest. Greece was represented by Ambassador to China, Leonidas Rokanas, China by Huang Jing (Dean of the Institute of International and Regional Studies Beijing Language and Culture University), Egypt by Abdul-Monem Al-Mashat (Dean of Economics and Political Science, Future University, Egypt), and India by Prof. MD Nalapat (Vice-Chair of Manipal University's Advanced Research Group and Director of the Department of Geopolitics, Manipal University). Many Greeks living in Beijing were in the audience of the CGTN studio.

Referring to the importance of ongoing interaction between civilizations and the drawing of valuable lessons from their coexistence and co-development, Ambassador Rocanas pointed to the contribution of Greek culture towards the transition from animism and magic, and metaphysical and theological interpretation of nature to the rational, scientific and philosophical interpretation of the world, stressing that this contribution is an integral part of modern civilization.

As he noted, past experience must serce as a starting point for a new way of thinking about Culture and History and provide answers to new questions arising from the new directions of humanity’s course (globalization, information technology revolution and transition to the digital era). In this respect, Ambassador Rocanas praised the importance of the TV forum as an excellent initiative at a time when there are many debates on politics and the economy, but relatively few concerning culture.

The filming of the next show for 2019 is expected to take place in Egypt.

The Press and Communication Office of Greece’s embassy in Beijing supported and promoted the ERT and CCTV / CGTN partnership that was launched with the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between Greece and China during the first visit of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Beijing in July 2016.