Greece-China cooperation on Cultural Heritage Conservation and Digitalization

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Greece-China cooperation on Cultural Heritage Conservation and Digitalization

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Significant personalities from the Greek academic and business sectors, specializing in digitalization and promotion of the cultural heritage, participated in the International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Conservation and Digitalization (CHCD2018), organized by the Tsinghua University on 13-14 September, 2018.

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The Greek panel consisted, among others, of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) professor Mrs. A. Moropoulou, who presented innovative and sustainable cultural heritage management actions, Mrs. Georgia Aggelaki, consultant on digitalization of the Greek National Library, and Mr. K. Konstantinidis, CEO of PostScriptum and an active member of the largest European digital cultural library (Europeana).

In a video message during the Symposium, the Deputy Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, Mr. L. Kretsos, underlined the importance of the digitalization of cultural content in Greece and the synergies created by the use of relevant material in the audiovisual productions, as well as the incentives offered by Greece in this field. Mr. Kretsos invited the delegates to take advantage of the new policies of the Ministry and to choose Greece for their audiovisual productions, not only utilizing the new institutional tools that the country offers, but also its cultural wealth, natural beauty, and experienced, high-skilled human resources.

At the opening of the conference, a cooperation agreement on the digitization and the promotion of cultural heritage was signed between NTUA / PostScriptum and Tsinghua University / THID (Tsinghua Heritage Institution for Digitalization).